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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enjoying Cooking

An important priority at LadyBamboo, we offer wonderfully enjoyable onsite cooking classes enabling guests to bring back touches of this fine Balinese art to their own culinary experiences at home.

Ken Parker, another of those fine art photographers revisiting Bali after many years, recently stayed here with his lovely girlfriend Inge blissfully occupying our plush River Suite. Together they participated in four of our regular cooking classes with Villa owner and instructor Reki. Inge says : "What a privilege to share the kitchen with such a good-natured and calming teacher like Reki. It was so much fun to cook beside her playfully joyous sweet self, soaking up all the great tips I possibly could!"

By the end Ken could only agree with what is being discovered again and again by our contented visitors. "There is a subtlety and sophistication in the preparation -- and presentation -- of Balinese food that recalls what I experienced here during my first magical visit almost 11 years ago. The entire staff of LadyBamboo were so delightfully skilled, so warm and friendly, and eternally helpful with anything we ever asked. But now I can only hope that after these excellent classes we will be able to cook these fantastic spicy dishes together in our own kitchen when we're back home in Carmel, California -- missing Bali!"

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