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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Special Experience for the Senior Citizens

Our small family live in 4 continents. We travel to visit each other
regularly but this is the first time in >30 years that ALL of us are meeting same time, same place Sep10-14, 2008. And our mother-of-all Reunion took place at LadyBamboo Villa, Bali.

Great Family Reunion @ LadybambooAunt Miriam, Mum (Maureen), cousin OiYee and Gaik - from Malaysia. Aunt Phil - from Perth. Uncle John - from Ascot, UK.
Brothers Chye, Chin, & sis-in-law Malinda - from San Francisco. Dear friends Richard & SauLing - from Singapore.

We had a wonderful time and found ourselves very at home at Ladybamboo - home away from our respective homes. We were impressed with the cosy accommodation and warm hospitality of Ladybamboo staff who went the extra mile in taking care of our individual needs, and making our stay in Bali extra memorable.

Thank you Reki, Lambert, Made, and nice staff of Ladybamboo, not forgetting the drivers too. We love to stay with you again, next time we visit Bali.

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