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Friday, February 20, 2009



My wife and I have the pleasure of staying at the Lady Bamboo and found the experience very good. In particular, we were so appreciative of the care and attention taken to make my wife's birthday a very special occasion . We recommend the Villa very highly and hope to return.

Dana and Jack Adams, designers, phoenix, arizona

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Special Experience for the Senior Citizens

Our small family live in 4 continents. We travel to visit each other
regularly but this is the first time in >30 years that ALL of us are meeting same time, same place Sep10-14, 2008. And our mother-of-all Reunion took place at LadyBamboo Villa, Bali.

Great Family Reunion @ LadybambooAunt Miriam, Mum (Maureen), cousin OiYee and Gaik - from Malaysia. Aunt Phil - from Perth. Uncle John - from Ascot, UK.
Brothers Chye, Chin, & sis-in-law Malinda - from San Francisco. Dear friends Richard & SauLing - from Singapore.

We had a wonderful time and found ourselves very at home at Ladybamboo - home away from our respective homes. We were impressed with the cosy accommodation and warm hospitality of Ladybamboo staff who went the extra mile in taking care of our individual needs, and making our stay in Bali extra memorable.

Thank you Reki, Lambert, Made, and nice staff of Ladybamboo, not forgetting the drivers too. We love to stay with you again, next time we visit Bali.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Absolutley Wonderful place, great hosts in Ubud central location

True Elephant lover: Mel Ridge
You are looking for the host with the most ... then you should stay at the LadyBamboo and enjoy the great hospitality of Lambert & his wife Reki.

Nothing was too much trouble and they went out of their way to make us feel welcome. It makes so much difference to meet hosts who speak english (plus of course Indonesian, German, and a range of other languages) who are willing to take the time to sit down, enjoy a drink and chat with you.

Lambert has lived and worked in Bali since the mid 80's and his wife Reki is a treasure. Their local knowledge is exceptional and they recommended places to eat, visit and sights to see.

They took us for drives around the area to show us what the real Bali is all about and we were their guests at local restaurants that are off the beaten track but exceptional value and great food.

During our stay there we went to the Elephant Park and the new Safari Park. Although the Elephant Park was good it is not a scratch on the value for money at the Safari Park. You really get a hands on experience with elephants, orangutangs, tigers, lions and lots of other animals at the Safari Park.

Ubud is a great place with plenty to see and do. The weather is a bit milder than the coastline which is great and the Balinese people make you very welcome without the hassle that you encounter around Kuta and Legian.

LadyBamboo is a small boutique resort with all of the amentities that you come to expect in Bali. There is a choice of rooms for all budgets.

The staff are fantastic and Reki makes the best meals in Bali.

Bali Safari Park
This was our first trip to the Ladybamboo and we will definitely be back. We stayed in a huge suite overlooking the pool with our own balcony looking over the river.

Mel & Jeff own a bed and breakfast by themselves close to Melbourne, have a look at their webiste here.

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Australian-German Bali cooking course

Jessy, Dave heavy learning
Jessy, Dave heavy learning
click above link to see more!
Our Australian-German Bali cooking course at the Ladybamboo Villa was well organised. First all of the ingredients are purchased at the markets of Ubud, which is a fantastic experience. On our return to the hotel all of the spices and other ingredients are explained. Everyone then participates and starts preparing the ingredients. The best part comes when everything is finished and we are able to sample all of our dishes that we have prepared.
Anja, Jens, Jessy, Dave and Angelica

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Riding the vulcano - downhill!

After several cool and delicious dips in the pool and soaking in the still, quite nights in Ubud we decided to go on a bike ride. We were driven to the top of the volcano for a breakfast of pineapple pancakes and sweet tea, all with a sweeping view of the crater and lake. Then, off we went – down hill to Ubud!

Seeing Bali by bike is a great way of experiencing life here.

We stopped to look at vanilla pods growing, to savour cool tropical fruits in a paddy field and to take pictures of the many happy children running in the streets after our bikes. After several miles of downhill we hit our first uphill, the guides were greeted with the shouts of ‘I thought this was all down hill’ as we slowed our pace and puffed up hill!

But, we were never disappointed as our friendly guides yelled ‘next left’ and we went rushing from concrete roads onto bumpy, muddy paths. These were the greatest parts of this trip as we ventured onto paths less travelled and were rewarded with seeing animals, birds, and Balinese people getting on with their daily lives.

By 1pm we had reached a temple, surrounded by huge trees and we rested here for a while. The air was so fresh and clean, and the temple seemed to be more about rejoicing in nature – a beautiful place to think and appreciate life. When we looked up to the sky, however, we saw dark clouds forming and knew that we were likely to get wet! Off we went, choosing the muddiest path possible of course!
A short way on we took shelter in a building whilst we watched the rain come down and sat with artists who were making their wooden handicrafts. We finally made it back to Ubud, hungry but happy. Our guides hadn’t finished with us yet though, as we were whisked off to have a banquet at Roda Restaurant on Jl. Kajeng. This was the perfect ending to a day that I think one we will all remember. After eating as much as we could, back to Lady Bamboo we went. Happy to shut out the noises of Ubud and welcome back our sanctuary, away from the worries of the world.

On one of our walks starting directly from outside of the Ladybamboo Villa

My husband, Stuart and I work in Banda Aceh, at the very tip of Sumatra, where the tsunami devastated so many lives in 2004. My parents, Pat and Chris always make it out to wherever we are working and this year was no different.

We booked to stay at the Lady Bamboo in Ubud because it looked so inviting on their website. When we arrived, we were not disappointed. Lady Bamboo is an oasis within an oasis. Ubud is a magical place, full of surprises and delights and Lady Bamboo was our tranquil refuge. The staff at Lady Bamboo are attentive, but not over whelming and blend into your own style of relaxing.

Pat, Chris, Ruth and Stuart. UK and Banda Aceh

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rafting Challenge on the Telaga Waja River

Exited from the rafting on the Ayung river we were told by Ladybamboo to try the second rafting offering from Sobek, a more rough experience on the Telaga Waja River east of Ubud. A 45 minutes drive from Ubud awaits you at 430 meters attitude another well organized starting facility where you change into rafting gear.

The excellent english speaking guide explains the handling of the raft, which have a maximum capacity of four persons, plus the riverguide. And down 160 steps to the river, where the most important commados “duck” and “boom boom” are repeated. And you better remember them when the raft hits the sidewall, that is “boom boom”. If you do not hold to the raft you will find yourself in the swirling river. “Duck” is even more essential. Quickly duck and take shelter in the raft to pass under low bamboo bridges and tree branches.
The river is challenging, with 14 km to cover in about two hours, descending 200 meters from the starting point to the finish line. One rapid of 3.5 meter awaits you within the first 15 minutes and closer to the end, a drop of 4 meters over a water-dam raises your heart beat. One will only realize the size of this waterfall once one is over it. Very impressive!

At 12.30h the rafts arrive at the landing point, a walk 120 steps up is exhausting, but gives you amply time to enjoy the very beautiful view over the valley with steep rice terraces. On top a changing room with showers and a nice Balinese restaurant with an Indonesian buffet which awaits the rafter. After a leisurely lunch the minibus drives you back to Ladybamboo, arriving at 14.30h, in time to to hit the shops in Ubud. We enjoyed the trip even more than our first rafting trip on the Ayung river, much recommended for those brave people like us.
Nancy and Jo

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ingo Jez was here

Ingo at work in the Ladybamboo Villa
Well known German photographer Ingo Jezierski, based for many years in Asia and now living in Thailand has visited Bali once again. Now completely digital he has again produced an amazing body of work, some of them we will proudly use for our upcoming Ladybamboo Villa website.

In the beginning of the 90th he has worked extensively with APA Productions, Singapore and has been responsible for the photographs of this little guide book jewels named Insight Pocket guides. We were happy to provide him for his stay from our library with copies of 'Bali', 'Bali Bird Walks' and 'Yogjakarta'. He has not seen them for years and do not even own them by himself anymore.

Ingo was too busy now for revisiting all of the places he formerly covered (right photo shows the holy mountain Agung ), but has promised to come back soon to cover some more after 15 years. In a certain way he regrets, what he has done to those little heavens. From idyllic, unknown spots they have been turned through his books into walking paths used by thousands. So he gave many more people the chance of enyoing the natural beauty of Bali and especially Ubud and its surroundings. "With those photos I have also helped to take those places off-the-beaten track, and somehow they did not get better through this. But that's part of the job."

Ingo, we wait for you to come back - and thanks again for visiting! We will also show some of the dishes we cooked for you in the upcoming posts of this guest book.

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