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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ingo Jez was here

Ingo at work in the Ladybamboo Villa
Well known German photographer Ingo Jezierski, based for many years in Asia and now living in Thailand has visited Bali once again. Now completely digital he has again produced an amazing body of work, some of them we will proudly use for our upcoming Ladybamboo Villa website.

In the beginning of the 90th he has worked extensively with APA Productions, Singapore and has been responsible for the photographs of this little guide book jewels named Insight Pocket guides. We were happy to provide him for his stay from our library with copies of 'Bali', 'Bali Bird Walks' and 'Yogjakarta'. He has not seen them for years and do not even own them by himself anymore.

Ingo was too busy now for revisiting all of the places he formerly covered (right photo shows the holy mountain Agung ), but has promised to come back soon to cover some more after 15 years. In a certain way he regrets, what he has done to those little heavens. From idyllic, unknown spots they have been turned through his books into walking paths used by thousands. So he gave many more people the chance of enyoing the natural beauty of Bali and especially Ubud and its surroundings. "With those photos I have also helped to take those places off-the-beaten track, and somehow they did not get better through this. But that's part of the job."

Ingo, we wait for you to come back - and thanks again for visiting! We will also show some of the dishes we cooked for you in the upcoming posts of this guest book.

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